Series Description: The goal of the Anti-Oppression Workshop Series is to expand the conversation of diversity and inclusion to include discussions of power and privilege. In addition, the Series aims to help participants develop concrete strategies and practices they can use in their workplace and community in order to help create a more equitable and just society.

Workshop | #1

Workshop | #1 Setting the stage: What is anti-oppression training? 

Description: The purpose of this workshop is to define and discuss the anti-oppressive/anti-racist framework the series is operating from. To that end, we will discuss the difference between diversity training and anti-oppression training, and in particular how it relates to both higher education and librarianship.

Workshop #2 | Intersectionality: the key to anti-racist action
Description: This workshop will focus on intersectionality as a starting point for exploring the ways in which our identities intersect with systems of power and oppression and therefore, impact the ways in which we perceive and interact with one another. Using our experiences as frame of reference, together we will begin to discuss practices for naming and calling out systems of oppression in our community and workplace.

Workshop | #2

Workshop | #3

Workshop #3 | Anti-racist Librarianship: strategies for moving from awareness to action

Description: What is anti-racist librarianship and how do we move from awareness to action? This final workshop seeks to get us to think more deeply about strategies to shift the conversation from diversity and inclusion to engaging more deeply with anti-oppressive practices that lend themselves to creating structural change.

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